Foodpanda Delivery (Singapore)

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In this hustling city where flurries of modern activity flash past before your eyes, time is inevitably insufficient. Insufficient for leisure, for entertainment and most importantly for dining. And that is why for many busy workers out there, dining arrangements may become part of their distress. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to frequent your favorite restaurant when you’re out of time. At this juncture, the option of food delivery is the best solution. You might just want to consider Foodpanda ( for the matter.

Foodpanda is a food delivery service which allows you to order food from popular restaurants all over Singapore. The more popular ones are namely Spizza, Picotin Express, Golden Pillow, Tony Roma’s, Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Mad Jack and Nihon Mura. Altogether there are well over 100 restaurants that Foodpanda collaborates with to bring food to your doorstep. The wide range of restaurants provided encompasses the different cuisines you can expect to find here in Singapore. Other than the usual Western and Italian favorites, there are also Chinese, Mexican and Indian restaurants. Talk about variety!

To start off the whole process, you may want to either order from their website or the Foodpanda app downloaded on your smartphone. You’ll be prompted to enter your postal code and after that, a list of restaurants will be made available for you to order from, depending on the area of residence. Once you’ve selected the dishes you’d like to order, you can then opt for payment via paypal or in cash. And that’s it! You’ll only have  to wait for that doorbell to ring.

The following are self-taken shots of my delivered, Italian meal via Foodpanda from Napolizz Pizza Delivery.
IMG_5235 edit

IMG_5296 edits

IMG_5315 edit

As for me, I’m impressed by the efficiency of Foodpanda’s delivery system. This was also helped by their attractive, vast options from numerous restaurants. You’ll never have to consume icky, generic dinners at home again!

Tel: +65 6602 8051


One thought on “Foodpanda Delivery (Singapore)

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Tried their service before too, and they are really efficient and helpful with your order enquiries 🙂 I had Thai Food!

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