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The Bravery Cafe is brought to you by the folks behind The Plain and it might seem to be one of the most popular on. This post might be a little late considering I first went to The Bravery sometime when it was just opened. The truth is, ever since my first visit, I’ve went back on two other occasions to check out more food on the menu. Well I hardly go back to the same places I’ve visited so you can tell I pretty much like this cafe. The Bravery is located in Jalan Besar along with other favorite haunts like Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Windowsill Pies and the newly opened Tiramisu Hero and despite the distance from my area it  one of my most-visited food enclaves alongside Robertson Quay.

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Decor-wise, most things are kept simple: Plywood tables, crate-like stools (now changed to proper retro chairs), no signs, no obvious entrance point (push through that golden panel in the middle). Yet there are some good coffee shop vibes about the space. Talk about color-textured walls, hanging light bulbs and a golden horse as a centerpiece.

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I’m a sucker for pancakes and The Bravery’s Pancakes Stack ($15) hits the bulls eye. The pancakes themselves are fluffy and infused with bananas and served with a generous helping a maple syrup. The last layer of pancake is literally soaked with it. As a result the pancakes were moist and very fluffy at the same time (with an overload of sweetness) to my liking. An additional $3 for honeycomb.

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Two poached eggs, bacon and avocado atop corned beef hash is what Brave Begedil ($17) is all about. However the egg yolks were not runny enough (they couldn’t flow) and the hash was a tad dry. Otherwise, it would make for an interesting dish since the combo works out well. The staff approached for comments and we got them to take note of that. Fortunately on my second visit, their poached eggs were superbly poached and the yolks were oozing. This time I had the Eggs on Toast ($8) with additional smoked salmon ($5).

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Just like The Plain, The Bravery brews great coffees. I especially like their Mocha ($5.10) which leaves a smooth, velvety taste. Another interesting one would be the Lavender Latte ($5.50) from which every sip is infused with an aftertaste of lavender. Only a few desserts and pastries are available and among them, the Flourless chocolate cake ($6) is easily one of the most popular pastries with the cafe-goers. I can guess why, what with its consistency and that topping of nutella.

I think location is hardly a factor for us Singaporean foodies these days. So apart from that and the fact that it can get quite noisy and crowded, the cafe is great for a casual brunch with friends. The ambience allows for a lazy, long meal and the coffees are on par with many top notch coffee joints. What’s more, I feel that the food is a lot better than that at The Plain!

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66 Horne Road

Singapore 209073

Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays 8am – 8pm


2 thoughts on “The Bravery Cafe

  1. I just been to Bravery Cafe recently. I tried the raunchy egg which was quite disappiointing.

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