The month in iPhone snaps


Over the past month or so I’ve been living the holiday life. Basically I commit the sin of gluttony almost daily and leave no regrets. Sad to say, it is impossible to capture all of these wonderful moments with my DSLR to make a proper, full review on all the places I’ve been to. So I decided to compile them into a single post and give these iPhone snaps some sort of a caption to go along. Meanwhile, I’m out of Singapore currently and I’ll be back soon with gorgeous photos and a write-up on the amazing cities I’m travelling to and from. Also, get closer to my travel adventures at


final IMG_3030

IMG_3007 edit

I went on a staycation in Marina Bay Sands’s Orchid Suite and my time in MBS felt like I was in a little nirvana in Singapore. Never had such a carefree time in those 24 hours as I was in the past 4 years. Skypark dining was unexpectedly mediocre with the poor service but truffle fries was definitely a saving grace. Wading in the infinity pool shortly afterwards under a sunless backdrop and breezy atmosphere made me feel….. infinite. That night, I brought my friends for an Italian dinner at Pizzeria Mozza by Mario Batali. Their thin-crusted pizzas never fail to satisfy me. We had meatballs, yukon gold potato pizza, burrata pizza and a squash blossoms pizza. Even later on that night, we had cocktails and mocktails  at the bar in Sky on 57. A suite stay means that our complimentary breakfast buffet is at Sky on 57 on the 57th floor instead of Rise on the lobby. Though the breakfast items were nothing close to fantastic, the buffet was one of the better hotel breakfast buffets I’ve had.



final IMG_3387

IMG_3375 edit

It was truly disappointing to go all the way to Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre and then find out that my lens protector of my dslr shattered.  Nonetheless it didn’t stop me from having a good meal. The Chicken Parmigiana I had were alright; the truffle fries fared a lot better. Two very big downsides – hefty prices and very warm air in the cafe.


final IMG_3030 edit-horz

IMG_3228 edit

When I’m just going solo to somewhere to get some work done on my laptop, I’d think of a cafe along Robertson Quay (my usual haunt). A weekday is the best time to visit Toby’s Estate for their coffees since they are extremely packed on weekends. The space at Toby’s is spacious with high ceilings, resembling Australian cafes. Such a darling. The Espresso Maple Bacon Croissant appeared very sinful with it’s huge amount of bacon along with scrambled eggs sandwiched between croissants.


IMG_3612 edit

On my first visit to Haji Lane I was greeted by a bustling Samsara fair between the lanes of vintage stores. This customize-your-own-breakfast store caught my eye. That small bag of goodies, at $7, wasn’t cheap at all though.

final IMG_3881

IMG_3843 edit

I headed back to CSHH on a rainy day for coffee and pastry. That Lime Coconut Cake was sweetness overload without much presence of lime and well, the quality of the espresso + milk would be needless to say already. Still one of my favorite coffee joints in Singapore. Read the full review of Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar on my first visit here.

All pictures in this post are shot on the iPhone 5S. 


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