Cedele’s Easter Special

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This Easter, Cedele’s special offerings are back again and they are, without a doubt, committed to Cedele’s love affair with all things natural and nutritious. Special thanks to Cedele for sending over this year’s Easter feature, the Hummingbird Cake. Primarily it’s a banana cake with a layer of pineapple in the middle – what I found interesting. Then it is frosted with their popular cream cheese (as in that of my favorite Carrot Walnut cake I always get from Cedele) and dark chocolate and topped with pecan nuts. It seems like a tacky combination of items at foresight but that’s hardly true once you sink your teeth into this gigantic cake. Everything comes together perfectly and of course it tastes just as well or perhaps even better than the typical, favorite-of-the-crowd Cedele cake. Do I taste some hints of cinnamon too? And also, did I mention that it is also tastefully sweetened with organic unrefined sugar? P.S. it’s also present in all of Cedele’s baked goods!  Here’s presenting more visuals of the Hummingbird Cake shot from my little, space-constraint living room and bedroom.
IMG_8559 edit-horz

IMG_8599 edit

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That’s not all. Old favorites such as the sweet Apple Cinnamon cake and Chocolate Walnut cake and savory Cheese Onion Mustard Hot Cross Buns are making a return to the menu. New, soon-to-be favorites you can expect are the Chocolate Nest Cupcakes, Midnight Chocolate cookies and Raspberry Thumbprint cookies. For the fans of savory dishes, there’s also a new Easter Sandwich Special with honey paprika chicken filling and avocado slices sandwiched within a spinach bun.

Cedele’s Easter special will run from today, 5th April (Saturday) to 25th April (Friday), so take this time to indulge in Cedele at their following locations at..



Toss & Turn (Advance orders and selected Easter items sold here)

2 Orchard Turn

ION Orchard #B4-55


P.L.T Sandwiches (Advance orders & selected Easter items sold here)

Robinson Point

39 9Robinson Road #01-01A



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