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Everyone around me probably knows how much procrastination I’ve done for this post. After countless of visits with and without my camera, I think it is finally time for me to get down amd launch wordpress for the first time in 3 weeks. So two years ago I reviewed the then go-to place for ice cream and waffles, Creamier. It grew in popularity over the years and still remains packed as hell especially throughout the weekends (Read more about Creamier here). Two years later, a sister outlet of Creamier is born. Welcome Sunday Folks, into the more “atas” Chip Bee Gardens.
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Compared to that of Creamier, the space taken over by Sunday Folks is easily 2 to 3 times as large. Though more tables have been lined side by side over time, it still feels more spacious and comfortable to have your ice cream and waffles here. My very first visit was actually just a short while after they’ve just opened. Then, the place was barely filled with patrons. It only took about a couple of weeks for people to find out about them, despite the little effort in publicity by the owners. Instagram pretty much became their PR.
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The largest difference between Creamier and Sunday Folks lies in the ice cream which goes on top of their signature, Belgian waffles. Instead of the usual scooped ice cream, they have started the trend of serving soft serve ice cream on waffles. Initially, the sight of a tall and slim soft serve was odd, but after all my visits to Sunday Folks this year, the other version of ice cream on waffles now looks weird to me (sigh). Choose from 6 standard flavors: Summer Strawberries, Roasted Pistachio, Earl Grey Lavender, Madagascar Vanilla, Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Dark Chocolate. Having a soft serve stacked on two square waffles costs $11.80 and recently the option to have just one waffle beneath the soft serve ($8.80) is made available as well. Note: the waffles also come with strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup and hazelnut sauce.
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Who knew that soft serve on waffles can be that satisfying? The only complaint that I have is that it melts way too quickly. Among all the flavors, my favorite has got to be the sea salt gula melaka which has a brilliant combination of sweet and salty. The dark chocolate was overpowering and somehow didn’t quite go well with waffles. A safe choice would be the madagascar vanilla, which is truly made with vanilla beans. Otherwise, the refreshing pistachio flavor is good too.
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Another highlight of Sunday Folks is the option of customization by choosing from a variety of toppings to decorate your waffles with. I’m fond of getting the Nama Chocolate ($1.90) and Nama Green Tea ($1.90), both coming from Royce Chocolate, simply because they are quality. And perhaps because you can’t just get a few pieces from a Royce store.
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Between the Lemon Cheesecake ($1.90) and Souffle Cheesecake ($1.90), I can’t decide which is better. The former has a stronger taste while the latter is light on the tastebuds. I also love going for the White Chocolate Coconut Mikado ($1.90) and Popping Candy Chocolate Mikado ($1.90) since I don’t see these pocky sticks elsewhere. Some toppings like the Sea Salt Chocolate Honeycomb ($1.90) and Caramel Popcorn ($1.50) were too sweet to go along with the waffles though.
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If you’re feeling less contentious, or just want something to take away with, go for the cone or cup ($7.20). The display counter also boasts a selection of cakes, with the most popular one being the Japanese Matcha Cake ($7.90). Surprisingly, it’s a rather good slice of matcha cake – soft and creamy while having a substantial taste of matcha.
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My advice – go for the regular soft serve on two waffles. Yes, it can be that satisfying.
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44 Jalan Merah Saga


Chip Bee Gardens

Tuesdays to Fridays 1pm – 10pm

Saturdays & Sundays 12pm – 10pm


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  2. E.W says:

    Hi just want to add something! I’ve talked to the staff before regarding their Nama Chocolate and Green Tea and it’s actually all handmade from scratch in their own kitchen!

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  4. Arielle says:

    Your pictures are so incredibly beautiful! Everything looks so good ❤

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