Hoshino Coffee at Capitol Piazza

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Hoshino Coffee. How time flies. It has been two years since my last visit to their then one and only branch in Plaza Singapura. Since then, they’ve expanded over to Suntec City with their second branch and now they’re running a third branch over at Capitol Piazza.

Located in the basement, the new branch occupies a space just as large as the first. The décor here, however, seems a notch classier. The ambience is more laid-back, making the dining space feel somewhat like a post-retail therapy zone to chill. I later also found out that you can make a private room reservation here as well.

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The items exclusive to this newly opened branch include their pie pizzas and mille feuilles. Out of the Mushroom and Chicken Pie Pizza and Mixed Pie Pizza (both $15), I tried the former. The base of the pizza, being crispy and puff pastry-like, does make the pizza less heavy on the palate. The pizza also comes with some minestrone soup at the side to keep you going.

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They call this the Mille Feuille ($15), but it’s actually more of a mille feuille inspired pastry. We guessed that the strawberry version would be better than the banana version (as with most Japanese desserts) so we went for it. Sandwiched in between two thick and flaky puff pastries are strawberries with cream surrounding a scoop of ice cream right in the middle. Unfortunately there was way too much cream compared to the ice cream and strawberries and the cream was too thick to be enjoyed with the pastry.

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If there are less satisfactory dishes, you can always look forward to their soufflé pancakes which have always been raved about. From now till September, you can get their Soufflé Pancake with Peach ($17.80 for two pancakes, $14.50 for one pancake), part of the seasonal menu. I’m glad the standard of their pancakes have not dropped – it’s of the same consistency as 2 years ago and it was not too dry. This seasonal version is definitely more refreshing than having the pancakes plain.

My advice: Skip the mains, go straight into their soufflés and soufflé pancakes. You may also have to rush the service staff a little for your orders.

13 Stamford Road

Capitol Piazza


10.30am – 10.30pm daily

This is a Crystal Wee X WAttention collaboration.


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