Asylum Coffeehouse


Alongside other well-known coffee establishments such as Chye Seng Huat Hardware and Apartment Coffee in Jalan Besar is the (perhaps not so new) Asylum Coffeehouse which opened early this year. 


Intending to serve as an asylum from home for guests to escape the hustle and bustle of modern world, the space is small and cozy. I am not trained in design, but thought that the combination of straight lines and curves complemented each other. The combination of white, brown and grey in the interior also gave off some Scandinavian vibes.

Unfortunately with the current 1 meter apart safe-distancing measures, it further limits the indoor seating capacity. My heart ached to see duct tapes of crosses and boundaries stuck on the benches. 


Service was warm and friendly, especially since the staff explained the menu to us thoughtfully. I ordered the White ($5 for 3 oz, $5.50 for 5oz, +$1 for iced/oat milk/macadamia milk) and thought that while it was decent, it could have a stronger, more acidic body. 


Besides coffee, there are 2 signature sandwiches on the menu, of which I had the Cubano ($16) – comprising mojo pork, gherkins, Emmental and mustard sandwiched between ciabatta slices. The alternative is The Overload ($16) – with smoked barbecue pulled pork, mac and cheese, homemade bbq sauce and slaw.


The display counter held some cakes and pastries which we skipped to save space for our next café. We came across The Block OG ($6) – a sugee cake made with almond, butter, rum, Italian meringue, edible flower, a Croissant ($5) and Croisini ($6.50).

There is also an alfresco area, which provides a minimalistic background for your OOTDs, but is less ideal in the recent days of sweltering heat.

673A7286 673A7262

311 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208970

8am – 4.30pm daily


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