Glass Roasters @ Faber Drive


Tucked along a street in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the west, Glass Roasters was established in the midst of the pandemic, now having 2 outlets. Having wanting to visit the original outlet, I finally overcame the inertia and took the long journey to the secluded Faber Drive.

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With a small floor area, the café interior seats just a few parties along communal benches, while others may bask under the shade outdoors or dine-in under Gelatolabo’s premises, which are connected to the café. The main aesthetic of the café was no doubt the white, square-tiled coffee counter, juxtaposed with the raw concrete ceiling and herringbone flooring. The glass windows permit shafts of sunlight to penetrate into the interiors, casting shadows across the counter. 


Being there on a weekday morning, we had the café to ourselves, and indulged in our coffee in the absence of loud, echoed conversations. 


From the friendly barista, I opted for my go-to, a White ($5.50, +$1 for oat/soy milk), which came in a double-walled glass cup. The coffee smooth, not acidic and did not leave an unwanted aftertaste.

We also had a tiny slice of Banana Cake ($4.50), the only food option available. It was a tad dry. Sadly, its next door neighbour Gelatolabo only opens in the afternoon, otherwise I could have waffles and ice cream to pair with coffee.

My long journey in exchange for a respite from hustle was worthwhile. 


108 Faber Dr, Singapore 129418

9am – 6pm daily, closed on Tues


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