Apartment Coffee – New space at Selegie Road


One of my favorite coffee haunts in Singapore, Apartment Coffee, has moved to a new and bigger space along Selegie Road. 

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While I missed the odd shape of the old premises, I do love that the new location is more central and accessible and has more floor space and seats to accommodate a larger crowd. Much to my delight, the theme of the interiors is still minimalistic with the same white coffee bar dominating the aesthetics.

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On both occasions, I had the Coffee with Milk ($5.50, Oat Milk + $0.50) with origins from the Costa Rica Aquiares Estate. I am a huge fan of the light roast, with a smooth and creamy texture and a clean aftertaste. 


The Hand Brews are the signature, among which I believe the Myanmar Amayar Black Honey is a popular choice and which I may get on my next visit. 


For the non-coffee drinkers, there is always the option for a Hot Chocolate ($7.50, Oat Milk + $0.50) or tea (there are options for green tea, oolong tea or kombucha) – though I highly recommend coffee here.

673A8690 673A8677

Apartment Coffee remains one of my top spots for coffee, ambience, conversations and me time.


139 Selegie Road, #01-01, Singapore 188309

10am – 6pm daily

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