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The Coastal Settlement


It took me a long time to figure that I need a food therapy on both the extreme ends of Singapore, which seem to be abundant with food spots. After looking up reviews on the place, together with recommendations from my dear friends, I finally made the move down to The Coastal Settlement – a lonesome cafe sitting atop a barren piece of land among the lush of Changi.

Surprised was I to find that The Coastal Settlement – or what they call themselves as TCS, was bustling with the Sunday brunchers. This was despite the rain and inaccessibility.

The menu did offer a wide variety. We had Truffle fries ($15) for appetizers – one of my favorite foods after my maiden encounter with it at Barracks Cafe @ Dempsey. The version over here was thicker and crispier.


My plate of Fettucine bolognese ($24) was huge with a generous serving of cheese of bolognese. Texture wise, I would prefer a spaghetti version compared to the fettucine. I get the idea of an attempt of a special rendition but unfortunately it did not pull off very well. Still, nothing could have gone wrong with bolognese.

The Cod and chips ($26) was rather normal – akin to missing a key to something.


On the other hand, the desserts were much more delightful. Accompanied by a scoop of chocolate ice cream, strawberries and bananas, the Waffles ($14) were thick and dense, especially suited for cake-lovers.


The Sea salt caramel cheesecake ($12) was my hit of the day. The styling of “spewed” caramel won my eyes over first. After that the awesome slice of cake won over my stomach. Let me mention also that their dessert accompaniments were well prepared – with a shout out for their nuts.


There are several distinct areas of the cafe which all boast different styles to them. The front and back of the cafe is of antique theme and sandwiched in between is the bar area and comfy sitting next to it. Then there is the outdoor dining – a myriad of colors and “scenery”. Each table tells a different dining experience – I knew that from hopping the tables myself. At the rear end outdoors I found childhood memories as well.


With the above average prices of food from a casual eatery, it may be wise to think of making the money worthwhile. Yet I would not mind paying for a pleasant mix of food and atmosphere. That is the love-hate relationship we often have with food. Recently I have been choosing to love than to hate. I shall end this post with my favorite shot of the alfresco area.


200 Netheravon Road

Singapore 508529

Tuesday to Sunday: 1030 – 0000

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Ma Maison Restaurant

The Ma Maison group of Japanese restaurants include full-fledged restaurants and cafes and what’s making them do so well is their casual yet hearty affair. Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction, the outlet I visited, had a Japanese-French appeal with its dim interiors. Despite seeming a tad too dim and dusty, I loved the rustic charm of the narrow restaurant.

An extensive menu awaits you at Ma Maison as new items are regularly added and may come in the form of a whole set of lunch and dinner offers and set meals.

A plate of prawn paste chicken wings ($9.80) to start the meal as appetizers. Nothing much to rave about them though.


Surprisingly, the different outlets of Ma Maison all have differing signature items. Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction emphasizes on their mains of beef steak and pastas. Their hamburg steak dishes look especially appetizing (plus the fact that I have a thing for japanese beef) so I got the Italian Hamburg with Cheese ($16.90). Though the steaks weren’t out-of-the-world fantastic, I still like the idea of what I call “casual beef” at comfort prices.

Fruit pies and tarts are a must when at Ma Maison. Initially I was pretty much tempted by the massive array of colorful fruit pies, cakes and tarts however a sudden appearance of brownie and ice cream on an isolated sheet of the menu changed my mind in the spur of a moment. Surprisingly, the seemingly out-of-place dessert was made well – a soft, light one for the tummy.

Overall, with its centralized locations, decent food and prices, I see no harm to return. Next on my list: the praised Tonkatsu at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, new kid on the block Aloha Ma Maison and more cakes at Cafe Ma Maison!


200 Victoria Street

Bugis Junction #02-51

Singapore 188021

1130 – 1430, 1800 – 2200 on weekdays

1130 – 1430, 1700 – 2200 on weekends

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Kungfu Paradise [Closed]


Kungfu Paradise is under the Paradise group of restaurants in Singapore of Chinese origin. A very distinct difference from the others (Canton Paradise, Taste Paradise, Paradise Pavillion, Seafood Paradise, etc) will be its much more casual form of dining which operates over midnight in several outlets. It also serves food of an Asian and Western fusion, very much appealing to the crowd of different tastebuds, or what they refer to as cosmopolitan tastebuds. Basically, they serve Hong Kong cuisine incorporating some Western choices as well.

The menu here consists of different ranges of food to choose from, from dimsum to noodles and rice dishes to Western creations to desserts. After a few visits, I believe that they are all equally as good as each other despite the fact that Kungfu Paradise is supposedly under an Asian group. It was pleasant to know that the Western sector served rather popular dishes of their own. Several choices of pasta and meat combos are offered, not forgetting Western desserts like their chocolate lava cake. Some soup noodles dishes and appetizers/sides like the steamed custard lava buns and wings are also recommended.

I was surprised to find that the fish and chicken combo, at just $10.90, was a steal. Portion wise, that long dish of food was definitely worth more than its price. They may be a casual dining place but the food is of quality. That’s what I love about Kungfu Paradise – casual and afforable enough for small talk over a meal yet serving good stuff that appetize.

A happy thing to know would be that Kungfu Paradise is expanding. It’s newest outlet is located at JCube at Jurong East, so now people on both east and west ends of Singapore will have a great refuge for late nights in the neighbourhood.

2 Tampines Central 5

#01-37 Century Square

Singapore 529509

Operates daily from morning to night (excluding public holidays)

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