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Sarang Korean Restaurant


I’ve always adored Orchard Central after realizing it houses many hidden gems for a foodie like me. Sarang is located on the 7th level of Orchard Central with an indoor and alfresco area which looked like a brilliant place to hang out especially at night (when you can admire the lights at the heart of Singapore while ordering a couple of cocktails). On the other hand, the air-conditioned section is cozier with wooden furnishings. Featuring modern Korean cuisine, Sarang has been a favorite spot for Korea lovers (plus several Korean stars).

Being indecisive about what to order, both of us opted for a set meal with courses perfect for two persons at $58. Despite the steep price, it’s a great option for newbies to have a little taste of everything in the Korean cuisine.  First up we had fresh kimchi with mini sides which are always a great way to start a meal with.


The Japchae, or sweet potato noodles, are stir fried in generous amounts of sesame oil with mixed vegetables.


The texture of the  Basak Bulgogi – beef gulgogi on a sizzling hot plate was a tad too hard for my liking but the entire dish was still a good formation with more mixed vegetables.


Haemul tteokboki – rice cakes in spicy sauce with seasonal vegetables. The rice cakes were the type that are soft and easily chewed. Compared to harder, more chewy ones, I think both are worthy to try – each has its own good side.


World star army stew.


Our dessert that day was the korean version of ice kacang with less ice and more fruits. Other than the red beans and fruits, it was rather bland and it definitely looked better than it tasted.

\\ Just recently, Sarang has revamped its menu to give more taste of Seoul. I guess this gives me a reason to be back to experience the cool vibe at Sarang while choosing from more varieties of stews and more.


181 Orchard Central


Fridays & Saturdays 1200-2300

Sundays – Thursdays 1200-2200

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Ssikkek Korean BBQ Restaurant


Ssikkek is always a popular choice for korean bbq buffet especially with its budget. So when I was asked by friends for dinner there I automatically said yes. Ssikkek is the restaurant with the most buzz along the stretch at novena ville. They are simply spotted as the eatery with the longest queue. On that night, we waited for an hour before getting a table so reservations are a must.

For just a price of $12++ for lunch and $22++ for dinner, I can’t help but think that Ssikkek is no doubt a very good buffet of comfort prices. I find that it is a cool place for groups of people to hangout and have barbecue at the same time. Unlike some other Korean restaurants, Ssikkek takes on a very casual setting suitable for almost anything. Despite the heat from sitting in the outdoor area, everybody there seemed to be having a great time.

The meat items here were quite of standard and definitely will make you go back for more and more. The assortment of chicken, pork and beef items are highly popular and quite of standard. This is of course together with side dishes (in which I adored the Korean rice cakes), kimchi fried rice and seafood.


The whole experience is a satisfying one. That’s what I love about Korean BBQ. That to be said, I had probably ate about a week’s worth of meat – but it was worth the calories.


275 Thomson Road

#01-01/02 Novena Ville

Monday – Sunday 1130 – 2230

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