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Wild Oats: in the park

Funny how Punggol Park is one of my frequent haunts yet I never got down to Wild Oats ever since it took over Bliss Cafe sometime back. So on an unfortunate evening which rained, I had no excuse to make about jogging at the park instead of eating at the cafe. Wild Oats is under the same family together with Wild Rocket and Relish, with another branch at Mount Emily.


We started off with something safe on the menu – Golden Chicken Wings ($7.8). A good appetizer indeed – what with its crispy, prawn paste-like texture with a tinge of spiciness from accompanying chili sauce.


Moving on to the mains, Wild Oats offers both western and local delights such as sambal fish. Ribeye Beef ($17.2) was not that worthy of a mention. The tenderness of the beef was clearly lacking.

The Fish & Chips ($14.5), on the other hand, was much more decent with an outer layer crispy enough while the fish remained tender.


We were practically left with 2 desserts since the rest were unavailable. The Brownie ($6.3) was not that bad. The chocolate fudge brownie was real thick with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream and heavy drizzles of thick chocolate sauce as well.

Wild Oats’ version of the local favorite Chendol ($6.3) has it in a tall drink glass instead of a bowl, transforming it into a dessert somewhat like a cool milkshake or ice cream. Its taste is comparable to the chendol we can find in hawker centers, or perhaps even better than local renditions.

Service is a little shaky at times – the crew is mostly attentive but fall short in other areas. Another gripe would be the fact that plain water is not served here. They do a wide variety of booze though, making it a late night hang out as a liquid kitchen. This also leads me to another point that the alfresco furniture has a heavy, lingering feel of beer from people drinking them the previous night. Other than that, the cafe does make a pretty sight from across a lake.


Hougang Avenue 8

Punggol Park

Mondays to Thursdays 4pm – 12am
Fridays 4pm – 1am
Saturdays 4pm – 2am
Sundays 4pm – 12am
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Ya Kun Kaya Toast

One thing that Singaporeans love is the choice of a variety of breakfast to start your day. Amongst all, our very own traditional breakfast have come a long way since old times.

As much as I love a good, Western breakfast of savoury and sweet indulgence, I can never forget my childhood of kaya toasts and half boiled eggs in those coffee shops. Of all, Ya Kun is one of the more popular chain serving our traditional style of breakfast in shopping centres even.

I can never get enough of kaya and french toasts! I would not proclaim I lurvee them but they make satisfactory breakfast. My only complain is that the slices at Ya Kun are too small, one plate is not enough to to fill me up.

So it really doesn’t matter to forget English tea and brekkie for a day and head for toasts and kopi-o! With aplenty of franchises found all over Singapore, it’s merely the choice.



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