HonGuo (红锅)


I have always seen HonGuo at Nex mall but thought nothing of it. So it was not until that day that I first came to know about the cross-bridge vermicelli. HonGuo is most known for its “cross-bridge vermicelli” ( 过桥米线), which is a type of rice noodle in a soup base from Yunnan, China. It is also one of the most famous dishes in the Yunnan cuisine, boasting a history of more than a hundred years. It’s name derives from a legend which says that a scholar’s wife would cross a bridge everyday to an island where she would carry a large bowl a soup with uncooked ingredients to to cook it for the scholar.

For me, it’s attractive points lies in the fact that it is a healthy dish yet it can be manipulated into something filling and satisfying at the same time. For a long time, the two words “tasty” and “nutritious” have always been associated with this dish. A big, red bowl (literally meaning 红锅) of piping soup is served on a tray alongside minute plates of sides including spring onion, eggs, mushrooms, ham slices, fried fish slices and of course the vermicelli. You can have the choice to put them all in the bowl yourself. The broth was good; tasteless of MSG and salt even though there was a layer oil. There are three choices of the vermicelli: either with 7 sides or 11 sides or 15 sides to go with. I can hardly remember the exact number of sides for the three choices, but the biggest set I know is of 15 side dishes and is priced at $8.50.

Other dishes on the menu are mainly rice and noodle dishes which seem appetizing but I guess it’s always good to start off with the traditional cross bridge vermicelli.

Bugis Junction

230 Victoria Street

Singapore 188024

Operates daily 1100-2200



23 Serangoon Central

Singapore 556083

Operates daily 1100-2200

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