TCC The Connoisseur Concerto: one for one


Some people remark that the food at TCC are a little pricey considering that it started off as a coffee chain. I couldn’t disagree any less. But now, during the GSS period starting now to 22 July, you can enjoy 1 for 1 on pasta or main course.

Spaghetti Bolognese – One of my all-time favourites that I would pick once in a while. The rendition here was not too bad, especially with generous servings of bolognese.

Pan-seared Chicken Breast with shogayaki sauce – I never thought TCC made great chicken as well. The chicken was well marinated that made it “not just another piece of chicken”.

TCC now has several new dessert offerings alongside with new main courses, one of them being the Cappuccino Cheesecake Dream ($7.90). Credits to it’s dreamy name. At first I had wanted their signature molten lava cake or the Dark Devotion, but this looked as equally tempting as well. Unfortunately, it’s portion was way smaller than what I thought it would turn out to be – instead of a cake I would call it a “small delight”. At least, it was delightful, a light cheese base with the tinge of coffee.

Of course, with so many outlets in the island, you can easily get to one without even trying to. Every TCC boutique has its own attractive points. The ones at Citylink & Millennia Walk is cool and airy and good for people-watching; the one at Marina @ Keppel provides a fine, formal atmosphere; the one at Robertson Quay comes with cool egg chairs to fawn over. You can even pop by the classy outlets at Orchard after some tireless GSS shopping. For just a casual lunch, dinner or even breakfast that TCC offers several items, it’s the place to be.


(and many more around Singapore)

1 Raffles Link


City Link Mall

Singapore 039393

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