Chili’s Grill & Bar


Chili’s Grill and Bar entered the Singapore food scene not long ago and has been quite a dormant name to mention when looking for somewhere to dine. I myself have never thought much of Chili’s till I stepped into the obvious outlet at Resorts World Sentosa. Curiosity got the better of me when I saw the snaking queues at dinner hours. Now, I wouldn’t say that Chili’s whip out the best Mexican/Western/Tex-mex food out there, but in terms of everything it makes a great place to simply chill out on Thank God It’s Fridays.


There weren’t a lot of mouths of us there, so we thought opting for some appetizers would be good. Then we came to realize that the portions of their appetizers might as well be of main courses. So an advice would be: Chili’s is good for groups. Quesadillas – of fajita-marinated chicken with cheese served in tortillas. I would not deny that it was satisfying but I thought the flavors could be more distinct.

On the other hand, the Classic Nachos made up for its shortcomings. There is a dominant taste of seasoned beef and cheese. A good kind of salty; just like how nachos should be. I enjoyed it more than the quesadillas, so this is the appetizer to have.

As usual, I couldn’t get myself to leave without ordering a dessert. My eyes were all on its signature choice – the Chocolate Molten Cake. Unfortunately (fortunately) my love for molten cakes have not dissipated, I feel that it is triumphing over other inferior cakes and tarts. Shocked but very, very happy was I to have the biggest lava cake I’ve seen so far in my life – five inches. A soft sponge cake with chocolate that flows.

I felt that everything went right with this meal. I was comfortable with the casual spaces, pleasured by the friendly service, appalled by the irrelevance between their serving size and affordable prices and bloated (in a satisfying way) by the food. It will be hard to decide even which category on the menu to turn to so I definitely recommend coming with a bunch of people. Much as the burgers and pastas seem to be special, the fajitas and crispy chicken and ribs here put me in a dilemma. I can already imagine myself going back to get a little taste of everything.

Resorts World Sentosa

26 Sentosa Gateway


Singapore 098138

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2 thoughts on “Chili’s Grill & Bar

  1. Mamalynn says:

    Hello there. Nice blog 😀
    I have always wanted to try a molten lava cake!! It looks scrumptious in your photo 🙂 Would you say this is one of the better ones in Singapore? I’d love to give it a try one day.

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