The Marmalade Pantry II


I had fell in love with the Marmalade Pantry after my maiden visit to grab some cakes. You can read that post here. Since then, I’ve made another two visits to the Pantry, one for lunch and the other for dinner. Of course, I’m more than delighted to conclude that not only do they serve great desserts, their mains are equally competitive.

Hot Chocolate ($7)

The Spaghetti Carbonara with poached eggs ($24) is one of the more popular choices for main courses and it’s not hard to understand how. Presentation wise, it has already won over stomachs with its sleek classiness. I like that the cream sauce is much more fluid which is surprisingly better for the carbonara.

I also had the Pork & fennel seed sausage lasagna ($24) as to which I felt was a tad to0 dry within the layers and especially the mushrooms.


The Sticky date and toffee pudding ($14) reminds me of Plain Jane who shot to fame. Lightly drizzled with caramel, it is accompanied by a sweeter vanilla scoop of ice-cream. Though a simpler creation that wouldn’t seem much, you would still be able to be preoccupied with it. Perhaps a light way to end off a heavy meal.


The cinnamon spiced apple cake with cream cheese frosting ($7) felt somewhat like a carrot cake. Although there may be better renditions, it was a good attempt by the marmalade pantry that would make it rank above average.

Chocolate lovers can fret not as there is the Old fashioned chocolate fudge cake ($7). It’s name gives an apt description of itself – so don’t expect to find thick and rich chocolate cakes.

Other ‘hot’ items on the menu include steak and eggs, the mexican chicken salad and of course my favorite sea salt caramel cheesecake. The Marmalade Pantry is a place I wouldn’t mind going again and again: accessibility and elegance of the location appeals, high quality of main courses tempts, contenders of cupcakes, tarts and cakes make you hungry again.


2 Orchard Turn

ION Orchard


10 am to 10 pm daily

// Also: today’s the first anniversary of my food blog. So far I’m enjoying the process. And relishing every moment of morsels in my mouth. Even though I can only be considered an amateur on casual mode half of the time, my blog is definitely growing. None of these would have been possible without you people and I would especially like to send my kisses to all followers, viewers, commenters, hosts and close ones who have eaten with me in one way or another.
Cheers to another year of eating. Come and eat with me.
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