Little Pancakes


To be honest I am a little addicted to pancakes recently. I have yet to see anyone who would actually not like pancakes. This probably explains the trend of opening eateries which only serve pancakes. Little Pancakes is a relatively new kid on the block that opened months ago, joining old favorites such as Strictly Pancakes at Prinsep Street.

Two cute little pancakes (Mr and Mrs Pancakes) are the mascots together with a kiddy concept Little Pancakes deliver. They serve bite-sized, mini pancakes instead of the bigger ones we usually find in Singapore. This concept eventually attracted people of all ages.


The savoury selection of pancakes from the menu includes Big Fan of All Day Breakfast ($10.9), Ham & Cheesy ($8.5) and the last one which we had – Chick & Cheesy ($8.5). Basically, they are pancakes with glazed sausages and cheese and accompanied by potato salad and greens. Over the moon was I to find cheese sandwiched in between the two little pancakes as well. It was something like a cheese hot dog bun, only better.


The sweet pancakes boast a bigger selection including Going Nutella For You ($8.2) and Simple and Sweet ($6.5). I had one of their most popular item there – Gimme S’more Oreos ($8.2). The Pancakes are stacked into two towers topped with crushed oreos, sided with toasted marshmallows on oreo cookies and a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. I would definitely give it a higher rating if the marshmallows were in between the stacked pancakes instead.

There is a Singaporean section of the menu as well featuring red bean and kaya but I did not get to try them. Apart from that, they serve ice-cream and coffee as well.

Overall, I pretty much like their style of mini pancakes, unique flavours and plating really speaks of creativity which I adore. The pancakes have their hits and misses but I do not see any reason why you should not make a trip down to this cosy corner at Upper Thomson.


200 Upper Thomson Road


Thomson Imperial Court

Mondays, Wednesdays to Fridays 1300 – 2300

Saturdays 1100 – 2300

Sundays 1100 – 2100

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