Keong Saik Snacks


Keong Saik Snacks have been opened for months and featured in the media for sometime, which brings me to it. The layout is small and homely, with one side of red couches for bigger groups, and the other side of old skool tables and stools. A bar stands out at the back. Upon stepping in we are welcomed with warm service. The best part about it? No service charge over here!


It was my first time seeing a menu of boxes. Names of each item in a box, so it looks like a grid. When I do not know how to start my meal, I go with the default fries. The Chili Garlic Fries ($6) reminded me of my all-time favorite truffle fries, only that the distinct taste of truffle was not there. Still, it was free of chili and garlic taste altogether and instead was the resemblance of fries with very good seasoning.


The Kimchi Burger ($20) caught my attention; I expected some kimchi-flavored burger patty but alas, it was a beef patty burger with a side dish of kimchi. It was kind of hard to have it together with the burger so I had to have it separately. Both the burger and kimchi were good but not fantastic. Definitely waiting for an eatery to come up with a real kimchi burger.

By chance the other main course we had, the Grilled Bone Marrow & London Gentleman’s Relish ($18) was also of beef. I just realised that Gentleman’s Relish is the anchovy paste on the bone marrow after googling. It is a messy affair having to pick out the beef from the bone marrow and to spread it on toast but the result is worth it. It reminded me of a beef pastrami sandwich, but only better.


Only 2 desserts are available on the menu: Hot Doughnuts with Cinnamon & Vanilla Chantilly ($8) and a selection of home made ice-cream flavors. I had to go with the former which sounds more interesting. Essentially it was two pieces of doughnuts coated with sugar and to be dipped in a caramel paste. A simple light bite, yet it could be better.

The food offerings from Keong Saik Snacks are of a small range yet it sort of brings out the best from every food item. If beef is not for you, try the Jason’s Very Hot Dog, DIY Tuna Tartare and Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayo & Iceberg Lettuce – which are all very special in their own ways.

By the way, a bar next to Keong Saik Snacks is hipster. And mysterious as well. It requires a password which you can get from the staff of KSS to enter. Have fun exploring!
49 Keong Saik Road

1200 – 2300 daily

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