Club Street Social

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Stepping into Club Street Social  is akin to entering a downtown Manhattan bar cum restaurant – one full of vibes. With their high ceilings, brick walls, marble tables and wooden chairs, the ambience… I like. A lot. Labelled hipster for sure. One can tell from the interiors that this place serves up western food wholeheartedly, including all-day, everyday breakfast. Perfect for the increasing number of oddballs (not) who have eggs and toast for dinner. For drinkers, go for some cocktails by the bar.

While waiting for my dining mate, I thought I should get something small but alas, the Granola, mixed berries, greek yoghurt ($9) was served in a huge glass… better this way as well, even though I didn’t manage to finish it. I hardly have granolas while dining outside but it’s for sure that theirs is one of substantial quality. You see those dried slices of apples at the top? I wished it’s a mandatory ingredient of granola.

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The much raved about Scrambled eggs with fontina and chives ($12) fell  short of my expectations. After all, I’m a fan of eggs. Sure it may surpass standards of the average wannabe hipster brunch spot serving up their own rendition but it still wasn’t enough. Certain parts were just overly cooked and it ended up being plain. Not that those thin slices of toast helped much. I guess my motto to not regret any life decisions I make (as much as possible) was crushed… now I really need to try their truffle egg toast.

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Other than the usual edibles, Club Street Social also offers Italian delights Crostini, Panini and Piatti. Crostini is an appetizer of toppings on small slices of toasted bread (like a bruschetta) and I got the Duck rilette, green apple, fig compote ($10/$14) from the selection of crostinis. The duck rilette here was melded much more perfectly and this of course led to a creamier rilette. It’s such a refreshing dish that it made me hungry to try all their other crostinis. If you feel that the portions of crostini are too small, you may want to opt for Paninis, which are Italian sandwiches, or Piattis, the main dishes.

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With  only 4 desserts on the menu, the Nutella bread pudding, vanilla ice cream ($11) stands out prominently as the one to order. Obviously, nothing could go wrong with nutella. I only wished that the bread pudding could be fluffier and not as dense and at the same time being moist. Still, many would love this dessert.

I guess it all comes down to the consistency. I’ve seen pictures of Club Street Social’s dishes looking oddly different from time to time (it’s not due to different angles) and this leaves me in doubt as to whether I’d come back here again. Otherwise, it can make a great laid-back place serving perennial favorites.

5 Gemmill Lane

Singapore 069261

Tel: +65 6225 5043

Mondays to Fridays 11am – 10.30pm

Saturdays 9am – 10.30pm

Sundays 9am – 9pm


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    Gorgeous photos Crystal!

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