Hyde & Co. – New brunch offerings!

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It has been ages since my last post on Hyde & Co., and since then the menu has undergone tons of facelifts and improvements to suit the local palate more. The latest revamp would be that of their brunch menu (which is only served on weekends!) including both savoury and sweet treats.

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Let the chicken and waffles war begin. Hyde & Co. also dishes out their own rendition of the Har Cheong Gai Waffle ($17) comprising prawn paste fried chicken on waffle, honey dijon syrup, fried egg and fries. That is a whole lot of savoury goodness for just 17 bucks.

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Because pour shots will never be out of trend. Inspired from the local delight, the Ondeh Ondeh French Toast ($12) – brioche french toast, grated pandan coconut, gula melaka sauce, vanilla bean ice cream is for the coconut and gula melaka lovers out there.

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I have a strong belief that Hyde & Co. serves one of the better pancakes out there and the new Banana Walnut Pancakes ($12) is yet another testament to that. The batter used for the buttermilk pancakes has always been consistent and the relative thinness of the pancakes makes it hard for anyone to get sick of them. Also served with banana, walnuts, cornflakes, vanilla bean ice cream and butterscotch drizzle.

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Due to the many tai tais requesting for high tea to be served, the Sunday Hyde Tea ($38 per set, serves two) was launched and is sadly only available on Sundays. On the savoury tier of this two-tiered high tea set are chili crab crackers, mini smoked salmon sandwiches and pulled beef brisket mantous. Amongst these, the pulled beef brisket mantous adapted from their discontinued pulled pork mantous were our favourite. Really liked how the mantous are now a lot fluffier on the inside yet maintaining a crisp exterior. The pulled beef is also marinated in a homemade BBQ sauce that is not overly salty.

And then on the sweet tier you’ll find home-baked scones (including a pretty red velvet scone with cream cheese on the side to dip), Victorian sponge cakes & brownie squares. The set also comes with a pot of artisanal tea.

Hyde & Co. fills up really fast on the weekends especially, so be sure to make your reservations early.

Thanks to Derrick of Hyde & Co. for the invite!


785 North Bridge Road

Singapore 198753

Sun to Mon 11am – 6pm

Wed to Sat 11am – 10.30pm


3 thoughts on “Hyde & Co. – New brunch offerings!

  1. Sachi Goh says:

    Hyde and Co foods are very delicious! My all-time favorite meal Har Cheong Gai Waffle super very delicious. Every weekend I go there to have my brunch. 🙂

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