Kinki Bottomless Brunch (Kinki Restaurant + Bar)

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It’s one of those Saturdays where you want to chill with a group of friends, update them on how crappy (or crazy) the week has been and laugh at each other’s misery. Yet at the same time you want good food and good booze in an informal setting. You want decent food, but not overly expensive food or overrated trends. Casual and fun atmosphere but not crazily crowded.

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So recently we found out that Kinki Restaurant + Bar matches all the criteria mentioned, what with the newly launched Kinki Bottomless Brunch exclusive to Saturdays from 12pm – 3pm. Following an ala carte buffet style, a free flow selection of sushi, maki, sashimi, mains, sides and desserts are available at a buffet-friendly price of $52++ per pax.

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Free flow soft drinks, tea, still and sparkling water are available with an additional $5++ per person; with free flow alcoholic options such as sake, shochu and prosecco at an additional $35++ and beer at $25++.

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If you’re not sure what to start with, simply get a serving of each type of sashimi available and then slowly browse through the menu. There’s Sake (salmon), Hamachi (yellowtail) and a surprisingly satisfying Maguro (bluefin tuna), though the leaner type.

From the choices of Makis, the Hot Dynamite is the hot item. Wrapped in a fried seaweed roll, the maki was crunchy on the first bite, revealing an interior of salmon, yellowtail, scallion and cayenne pepper.

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For cold dishes, expect items like the Snow Crab & Century Egg Tofu and the Momotaro Tomato. And so I was thinking, “How good can tomatoes be…” and it turned out to be very juicy, soft but not mushy, and packed with a savoury flavour from that ginger dressing.

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Some notable hot dishes include the Spiced Miso Edamame (Japanese soy beans) which was garnished with miso, garlic and soy. Not a fan of edamame but my friends thought Kinki served one of the much better edamame around.

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For myself, the roasted Baby Sweet Potato was memorable, especially with the sweet-savoury combination (but still on the sweeter side) of crispy bacon, chives and the generous drizzling of sweet miso crème fraiche on them. And the best part? They’re free flow! We just felt a little sad that the menu left out prawn tempura (they serve vegetable tempura for the buffet instead).

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However, the main courses are only available for a one-time order. Amongst them, the Wagyu Foie Gras Donburi, which is a highly raved signature at Kinki itself, is likely to be our favourite item from the buffet menu. I mean, who can say no to tender, thinly sliced beef wagyu and pan seared foie gras served over Japanese rice?

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I’m not even kidding when I say that we were so stuffed from all the savoury food that we didn’t have space for dessert. But if you somehow manage to have some space left, there’s always Green Tea, Black Sesame and/or Yuzu Sorbet ice cream to end on a sweeter note.

P.S. Kinki has also served up all new poke bowls at affordable prices for the lunch crowd, woohoo!

Thanks Karen and Kinki for the invite!

70 Collyer Quay


Customs House

Mon to Sat 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm


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