Waga Waga Den


On an extreme end of South Beach Avenue sits an achromatic glasshouse-like structure with an outdoor seating area adjacent to it. Upon opening the huge doors, I was welcomed by the sight of a sleek coffee bar adorned with marble and wooden details and similar achromatic tones to match the exterior. 


As the outdoor seating area was not sheltered and it was a typical day in Singapore with hot, equatorial weather, I grabbed one of the few limited seats indoor.   


I opted for the Cloud ($8), one of Waga Waga Den’s signature drinks that I had set my eyes on prior visiting the café. A take on the iced cappuccino, this Instagram-worthy (or tiktok worthy) beverage is an espresso with milk, topped with frothy cold milk, and further garnished with chocolate powder. To create the “cloud” effect, air was incorporated, and so take your pictures quickly as the “cloud” deflates over time. The frothed milk layer and chocolate powder enhances the creaminess and gives a bittersweet punch to the cappuccino. 


Since the café is Japanese-inspired, I just also had to savour the Dirty Matcha Latte ($8), made with matcha okumidori – a single-origin, single-estate and single-cultivar matcha cultivated in Uji, Kyoto. Though the umami flavour was distinct, I would like to pick the pure matcha option on my next visit for more distinction.


On the menu are also several light bites, both sweet and savoury. I had the Charcoal Brioche ($5) stuffed with Hokkaido red bean paste and échiré salted butter (artisanal French butter from the small village of Échiré in western France), which would be more satisfying if the bun could be bigger with more red bean filling. 


Meanwhile, the Warabi Mochi ($8), made fresh daily with kuromitsu (Japanese dark sugar syrup) and kinako powder was on par with those I’ve tried and loved from other classic Japanese snack stalls in Singapore. 


Stay for the coffee and tea, and enjoy the brewing and whisking action before you.


38 Beach Road, #01-14 South Beach Tower, Singapore 189767

Tues to Fri, 8.30am – 3.30pm

Sat 9.30am, – 4.30pm 


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