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Singapore Botanical Gardens

I couldn’t live my life being kept behind bars at home.

Thought I would bring my cammy to a place to photograph, so I ended up at the botanic gardens. Unfornately, I explored less than half of the gardens because my mom was complaining, so I may be going there again soon. No adventure comes half-done to you.

Photos courtesy of yours truly

The path to choose


 Red lustre

I love such flowers that stand out and hit you from nowhere. I literally run to them when I catch sight.

 One fine day

 On a bench

 Bird of paradise

 Mixed skies

IMG_1937 (2)

 A guy

I love the American famillies having their family days there. I love how they do team sports together. And I didn’t capture the guy on purpose…. well maybe for my sole purpose.

 The garden

After some nature trekking, we had dinner at Casa Verde in the gardens. I didn’t have a good dining experience. Almost all the tables were reserved and the waiter led us to a table at which, two huge dogs were resting beside. Don’t find me fickle minded or sensitive, but I dislike the prospect of being too near to animals. And I am not someone who squeals about how cute a dog is for every dog seen on the street. But anyway, we got another table in the end.


The Italian Herbs Roasted Chicken I ordered was quite ordinary, and I would just call it a normal-roasted-chicken if I could. I regretted not ordering the pizza or pasta there because after looking around at other customers’ tables they really looked delightful and more popular…


I was kind of miffed that I didn’t get to have dessert at Casa Verde, so on my way home I went to Starbucks to satisfy my sugar craving. Finally got myself a Starbucks card, as I realised that I’m becoming their addicted fan. Got home two whoopie pies (American cake/cookie/pie that looks like a macaron) – the classic vanilla and cookies and cream, since I’ve never tried them before. I would describe them as sweet cakes – mmm.



Punggol Park Connector + Punggol Promenade + Lorong Halus Wetland

This entire lane comprising of areas of Sengkang and Punggol interlinked together may just be your new spot to destress. This is quite a new piece of land developed near a waterway leading to the Serangoon Harbour that few of heard of.

Optimising your time with work is great, but with the school holidays approaching, why not use this time to make peace with nature?

For those living in the Sengkang area or even in the Hougang area, you can easily access this playground of nature via a connector leading away from Punggol Park. Then, it is about a 2 kilometre to the Punggol Promenade, otherwise known as Tebing Lane.

Over here, you can expect to find cafes, restaurants and other facilities like for billards, fishing and soccer on the upper deck. The lower deck is for people who are jogging and/or strolling, as well as those sitting on the benches and just watch life pass. For Punggol residents, you can access this area via the Riviera LRT station, it’s just a 3-minute walk.IMG_1712



A few hundred metres from there, you can cross over a red bridge and expect to find Lorong Halus Wetland Reserve. I didn’t get to walk and snap pictures there since the sky was darkening and a slight drizzle was approaching.

IMG_1738 (2)

IMG_1732 (2)


IMG_1730 (2)




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